I admit, I'm not a morning person, but for kids the building blocks for their day begin with that first meal. It must contain two things:
  • Protein - the building blocks of all cells in the body, most importantly the brain and muscles.
  • Carbohydrates - grains, for mental health
It doesn't have to be fancy, it doesn't have to be a big meal, (latest research shows that the  'breakfast is the main meal of the day' thing is false and a gimmick by cereal companies). It just needs to just contain those two basic elements.

You'll  notice the absence of one thing - SUGAR. There are sugars in the grains. You do not need to add any. Fruit is  nice and full of good stuff, but not essential if you have fruit later in the day.

In our house it's Weetbix, sprinkled with rolled oat flakes and whole milk. That's it. No cocoa, no sprinkled sugar, no honey, no fruit. This keeps a nine year old roaring until recess. Occasionally she might have some banana or other fruit on it.

Here's some other ideas, just for variety:

Nuts and seeds
These are hugely important for the body and as they are banned form most schools due to allergies, incorporate into breakfast if you can. Sesame seeds are rich in calcium.

Beans and other legumes
Beans are awesome for energy that sustains for hours. Legumes too. And these things don't have to be left until dinner time. the good old English Brekky has a lot going for it.   

To Liquefy or not?
Please, I beg you, don't reduce your meal to baby food. Spend a few more minutes actually chewing your own food! Amazingly, chewing actually improves brain function. Yes, that's right. Chewing stimulates your brain as well as your digestion. So skipping this completely natural activity is WRONG for your body. Oh, sure, have the odd smoothie, but not as a meal. Enzymes in your mouth do not get a chance to begin the digestion process when you're guzzling down your liquefied meal. Bite! Chew! Enjoy!

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