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I'm Dawn Meredith - Children's Author, Teacher, Children's Counselor and Artist. I started my teaching career as a Secondary School Art/English teacher. My focus shifted to Special Needs very quickly as in the 1990's Special Education was a fledgling area of expertise. I retrained and have continued to develop my career for 28 years. Now I work in the private sector, 1:1 with students, working very closely with their parents. I love it!

My career as a counselor for children grew from my teaching. Some students didn't need lessons in literacy skills as much as they needed help with anxiety, for instance. So I went back to uni and trained further. This has enriched my life enormously and continues to challenge me, in a good way! Children are truly remarkable little beings who astonish me with their resilience, their honesty, their vulnerability and desire to grow and be happy. I am honoured to be a small part of that process.

You can find resources on topics such as ADHD, Autism, depression in children, how to teach your child to read, preparing for school etc here: info and help

My writing career began in 2000 when my first two books were published by Cambridge University Press. I am about to release my 9th childrens book, PHANTOM Spies and debut adult novel, Letters From the Dead. For more information on my books, please visit here: www.dawnmeredithauthor.blogspot.com
my adult and Speculative fictions books here: www.dawnmeredith.com.au

I began writing this blog because so many parents ask my advice on a range of issues and it seemed easier to publish it on the web and allow everyone access to the information. I've learned a lot in 28 years and continue to learn from each and every student, plus my own family. I hope you find this blog informative!

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