Friday, 30 December 2016


Easy peasey
This is the easiest summertime lunch for a child of any age. Delicious, nutritious and a sure winner on taste, visual colour and texture. Did you know that the act of chewing helps our brains grow? And in adults,  the act of chewing releases hormones that calm us and make us feel good. So NO VITAMISING YOUR FOOD, PEOPLE!

What do you need?
On my kidlet's plate below you will see small samples of three types of cheeses - Jarlsberg, cheddar and Bocconcini. Also, green grapes, kiwi fruit, carrot sticks and nectarine. YUM! Make your own variations.

Important tips
  • It takes 15 times for a child's palate to get used to new foods, so persist! Don't give into the 'I want a biscuit/MacDonald's/ice cream/toast' whining. 
  • Provide what is nutritious, looks fabulous and tastes great. With no alternative. Eat this or nothing, is my policy. And it works. 
  • Some of this selection could be included in the school lunchbox. 
  • Make the preparation of food part of the fun for your child, teaching them the value of fresh fruit and vegetables as a natural part of the diet. 
  • Each meal, the plate should be 1/4 protein, (dairy, meat, fish, vegetarian soy meats etc), 1/4 grains (bread, rice, pasta etc) and 1/2 fruits or vegetables. Did you get that? ONE HALF of the plate should be fruits and/or vegetables. Our bodies are designed to eat mostly vegetation, not mostly meat. 
  • Enjoy shopping for fabulous fruit and vegies together
  • Enjoy preparing meals, looking through cookbooks together as part of learning and also bonding. We love it.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Good Food for Our Kids - It shouldn't be this hard!

me on a writing retreat near Canberra with Danny the dog
So, I teach in a learning centre, (when I'm not writing and visiting schools as an author) and I see lots of different types of people coming through the doors. I see  caring parents interested and invested in their child's academic progress, which is why they are prepared to spend money on getting extra assistance for their children. They're nice people. They're also very busy people.

As a working mum myself I know how hard it can be. I reach a small panic late in the afternoon - 'what they heck shall I cook for dinner?' I also wrestle with what to put in my daughter's lunchbox every day. I also wrangle the husband to make good choices about food and serve correct portion size, (why do men seem to think a little girl eats the same amount as themselves?) on the nights when I'm working.

The point of this blog post
A while ago I started taking photos of the meals my daughter and I prepared and today I thought, why not share what we've learned?

When I see kids sitting staring at screens, with chubby little legs and arms, a double chin and a glazed look in their eyes I feel sorry for them. They are not getting the right food! So if this can help a few kids by helping their mums and dads make better choices, I will be extremely pleased!

We are not perfect. I certainly am not. Some of my suggestions you'll think - "Whaaat? No, that won't work for me." But hey, that's fine. It's about sharing the ideas and getting you to think differently. It's about making informed choices, wherever you can, noticing what you're putting in the trolley, putting in the cupboard, putting on the plate, putting into the lunchbox. Change happens slowly. The last thing we need is more pressure!

So I encourage you, come with me on this journey. We will have fun, we'll feel better about ourselves as parents and most importantly, we'll have happier, healthier kids. There will be pages to the right of your screen with suggestions and I welcome your input too. yummy ideas ought to be shared!

Let's go!