Friday, 28 March 2014

Teaching Children to be Kind

One of the greatest gifts we as adults can give to our kids and the kids in our family is to teach them about kindness. This is admirably explained by an autistic boy in USA, Zac Abril, who, with his class, collected and donated food and bedding for the local animal shelter. You can watch the story here: Zac's kind act

To take the focus off oneself and feel the joy of helping someone else is a very special feeling, and promotes sensitivity, goodwill and confidence in a child, helping them to feel part of the community. Kindness to animals teaches children responsibility and caring thoughtfulness. There just is no downside to it! A visit to the local animal shelter is a wonderful outing for a child. To see just how many animals are dumped and the fantastic way shelter workers look after them is a great life lesson they will never forget. And you never know, they might just fall in love with one and want to take it home and care for it...

As Zac says,
'Don't be afraid to help. Help doesn't hurt.'

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