Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Commericalisation of Children - how companies target kids to sell their crap

I know, the title is a bit strong. But this issue gets me so angry! We've allowed an insidious invasion into our homes, into our relationships, into the very fabric of family life. What is this dreadful thing? Advertising.

Consuming Kids is a documentary that examines just how far companies will go to get you to spend your money on their products. It's no longer a matter of IF you need something. Oh no. It's all about what you WANT, even if you don't know that you want it! And just how early do they begin fashioning you in their own image? Answer - from birth, perhaps even in utero. The great wheels of advertising roll over you the minute you surface from the womb. And there's no let-up until you draw your last breath.

What? You might say. How can it be that bad? You just ignore what you don't like. If only that were true! The drive to HAVE erodes the transmission of moral values from parent to child, obscured by the unending desire to fit in, have the latest, look cool. As if that were the most important aspect of your life! Instead of focussing upon what you want to do with your life, you find yourself focussing upon what you want to have in your life. And where you can buy it. In this, the advertisers, all those clever, well-paid executives with their fancy flow charts, have you in their hot little hand. And you don't even realise it.

Your children bug you for things they don't need. They make you feel bad for not providing it, because isn't it your job to protect and provide? They become obsessed with the latest toy and selfishly expect to get it. They get wound up and teary if they don't have junk food in their lunch box like all the other kids.

Consuming Kids pushes back against the wholesale commercialization of childhood, raising urgent questions about the ethics of children's marketing and its impact on the health and well-being of kids.

Watch it here for free now: video But beware! It will change how you think.

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